#2017 The Swift PC Optimizer™ Windows PC Optimizer Utility For Free

Swift PC Optimizer™

Using Swift PC Optimizer won’t let down your windows computer. It works for protecting computer from unwanted and unexpected technical problems. Swift PC Optimizer is known as one of the most popular Windows PC Optimizer for 2017.


Download Swift PC Optimizer and Optimizer windows computer for better performance. Go to through the website: Swiftpcoptimizer.com and download Swift PC Optimizer free. Once it get download, open & installed it and run for optimize your system.


The Optimize Tab lets you fine-tune and optimize your Windows settings to improve your PC’s speed, security and performance. The optimization report can be used to give you a good overview of the current condition of your computer.






Optimization Settings:




The settings are divided into three categories:




System Settings




Internet Settings




Security Settings






Click on the corresponding button to see the settings for each category. You can click the checkbox to turn the individual settings on or off.




The Recommended Settings button will show the settings recommended by Swift PC Optimizer to maximize your PCs performance.




Choose the Apply new settings button to save the new settings you’ve selected.



Optimization Report:




The Optimization Report provides valuable information gathered by Swift PC Optimizer about the current optimization levels of your computer. Information includes the following: registry items cleaned, privacy risks removed, broken shortcuts removed, programs removed from startup and the amount of disk space that has been freed up. The report will also let you know if your settings have been optimized, if an automatic scan is scheduled, if performance monitor has been activated and if a system restore point or backups have been created.




The Optimization Report provides valuable information gathered by Swift PC Optimizer about the current optimization levels of your computer.



Advanced Setting Options



Performance Monitor - Activate the Performance Monitor to keep track of leftover registry entries, junk files and potential privacy risks directly from your System Tray. When you notice the numbers rising then you can launch Swift PC Optimizer directly and remove the issues immediately.




Automatic Scan - schedule scans to run at convenient times. Options include running a scan at startup, running a scan at a pre-selected time and frequency or running a scan during periods of inactivity.




Exclusion List - you can select to exclude certain registry keys or files from future scans.




Excluding Registry Keys - We recommend extreme caution when excluding registry paths. If invalid registry keys are created under the path which you excluded then Swift PC Optimizer will not be able to track those registries and therefore will not be able to fully clean and optimize your registry.




Excluding Files - There may be certain files which you know you do not want to delete and there would rather not have included in future scans for example cookies containing log-in credentials which you use automatically when visiting a trusted site. Use the Exclusion List to select any files you do not wish included in the future. If you’ve already excluded certain files during a privacy scan those files will be displayed and you will be able to add to that list or remove any files you no longer wish to exclude.




Log/Undo - every time you use Swift PC Optimizer to remove registry items or junk files a log file is created. Swift PC Optimizer saves these log files so that you can always go back and restore the deleted items if you experience any problems. In this screen you can select where you want these log files to be saved and you can also select to undo any changes previously made by the program.




About - provides information about the version of Swift PC Optimizer which you are using and has links to our website and to technical support.




Register - If you already have a license key enter it here along with your user name and click Activate now. This will unlock the full version of Swift PC Optimizer and you will be able to access all the features immediately.




If you do not already have a license key then click Register Now and you will be linked to a web page where you can obtain a license key




Items Pending Removal - list of registry keys and files found during a scan which will be removed when they are no longer in use by other applications



How to Register Swift PC Optimizer



1. Go to the Settings tab and select Register.



2. If you do not have your License Key, click Register Now to go to the Web page to get the License Key.


3. Once you have the License Key, enter your name (or company name) and then the license key and click the Activate Now button. Click here to know more about this.




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